Of Tournaments and Wins!

Golden Swan Country Club recently held their monthly tournament called The Golden Swan Premier League. It was the first tournament to be held after the recently renovated 9 hole golf course was opened. And yours truly is definitely going down in history books of Golden Swan for sure. Read on to know more.

The Golden Swan Premier League (GSPL) consists of 4 teams, namely SPACE EAGLES, TERMINATOR FORE, FAIRWAY GLADIATORS and ATOMIC ACES. Each member who wishes to participate in the tournament is assigned to a team, with a maximum of 4 team members in each team. 4 groups of 1 member from each team then play a round of the course.

The tournament format is Modified Stableford, although with not much punishment. In this format, each stroke is awarded a point against it, as per below. The winner is the team with the highest points gathered by it’s team in the whole.

Points for each stroke

Double bogey – 1 point

Bogey             – 2 points

Par                  – 3 points

Birdie               – 4 points

Eagle(Hole in One) – 5 points

I believe, the original Modified Stableford format contains negative markings for Bogey and beyond, but thankfully it was not the case here. Any score worse than a double bogey was considered a scratch and the player could concede the hole. This also helps quickening the pace of play, as when a player knows he’s not going to score a point on that hole he can pick up the ball, and the others could finish.

It was a fun experience. Being my first tournament ever, it was fun and a very good learning experience.

The winner for the first GSPL was the team Terminator Fore, of which I was a part. And, hold your breath, I was the highest scorer on that day!!! 🙂

I scored 20 points, with 5 pars, 2 bogeys, 1 double bogey and 1 scratch. It was the best day I’ve had in a long time.

Unfortunately in the excitement of playing a tournament, I could not click any pictures or take videos. But you can check them out on Golden Swan Country Club’s facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GoldenSwanCountryClub .





Here’s to many more trophies in the future!



Mid Iron Swinging

Hola Fellow Golfers!

Ever had that feeling that you’re simply not able to hit your driver shots straight? If not, kudos, you are one of the very few! If yes, well, welcome to the club.

Recently I had a go with my driver (a Mizuno Charge, old one, very unforgiving, need to upgrade) at the Golden Swan Country Club driving range. And I tell ya, hitting 50 balls with the driver is no easy feat! The ball refused to go straight, and I kept on slicing.

So what do I do? Well, I decided I’m going back to basics and working my way up.

Playing a round @ Golden Swan 9 hole golf course, you get ample practice for your short irons (SW, PW, 9i) so that is sorted. Post a round this last Saturday, I got hold of my 5 iron and went about swinging at the driving range.

Yes, I guess I found the mistakes in my swing. The initial few balls I kept pushing and slicing, like I do with my driver. I then realized (with the help of the keen eyes of the pro at hand) the my downswing was a little over the top. That is, as I come down to hit the ball, my swing comes from out to in. Well that is a sure shot recipe for disaster!

So now that I figured out the mistake, time to make amends. And the results were fantastic! Yes, I did not immediately start striking the ball straight, but there were a few draws, which is ok, not THAT problematic. (Apparently draws give you the distance and you can work your play accordingly, but slices kill your shots.)

So I’m happy. And a valuable lesson learnt. When your longer (read more difficult) clubs aren’t working, come back to the easier ones and figure out the mistake.

All’s well that ends well!

Next time…. THE 3 IRON!!!

Here’s a sample of my swing

Golfing around in Goa!

What does one do when you are in Goa? Soak the sun, binge on beer and just catch up on some well deserved relaxation.

But what does one do when you are bit by the golfing bug???

Apart from the above, you sniff out the only proper 9 hole golf course available in the state, ride 90kms one way on a scooter and satiate the hunger!!! What else could you do!?

My passion/obsession landed me at Lalit Golf and Spa Resort in Goa, India and I must say I did not regret the long long ride I had in the scorching sun. For one, the ride was scenic and not too cumbersome (wrt to traffic) and two, the course was BEAUtiful! With 4 holes next to the serene beaches of Goa, you know what I’m talking about.


The sea is right next to some of the holes

The course is well maintained. The holes are straightforward with not many hazards to worry about, except a water body on the 2nd hole. The fairways are good and wayward shots also don’t find you in difficult situations. The greens are true and each one plays like the other.


Teeing off at Hole 3


The fairways are well kept and scenic

They have a pro shop which is well equipped. So if a round of golf suddenly hits you, you can walk into the shop and purchase about anything, from t shirts to balls to caps! And they have a good range of golf sets for rentals as well, Taylormade, Callaway and Mizuno are the options for you. Mr. Saini, who is the head pro at the course also manages the pro shop and has kept it up to date.


The Pro Shop @ Lalit Golf and Spa Resort, Goa


Mr. Saini, head pro @ Lalit Golf and Spa Resort












Look up http://lalitgolfresortgoa.golfgaga.com/fees-costs/ for any further details with regards to costs and stuff.

All in all, came back with a memorable game. But unfortunately not score wise. With all the travelling to reach the course, and the walking about on the course, I was done and about within a few holes! Carry some cold drinking water with you cause the heat can get to you.

Post the round you can cool off at the open air bar they have next to the pool. Unfortunately you can’t take a dip unless you are a resident there, but that seems fair.

Check out the pics below and the video of my warm up at the driving range.

This journey is sure going to be fun!